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Prix de Solde

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Contact me to request a quote to purchase my work.

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Consultations - Occupied staging - Vacant Staging - Interior Design 
Professional Home Staging for Agents, Developers + Homeowners
Our stagings can be customized to your space and needs

We will schedule an on-site visit and discuss potential design
and space objective, as well as budget goals:

​          We will conduct a detailed walk-through of the property and

          build a step-by-step plan of action to help your home appeal to buyers. We will discuss

​          paint colors, curb appeal, furniture options and beyond while helping guide you in

          enhancing positive features while reducing any negative aspects of the property. 

Our proposal will include our recommended furniture and design plan
as well as pricing and dates:

          Size, square-footage, furniture selection and number of rooms are considered when

          preparing your proposal. We can customize any staging or designing package to fit

          your budget and needs!  

Once we’ve received the signed proposal,  we will schedule your staging.
We generally stage in one to two days, depending on the overall scope of the project.
Our contracts are generally for a period of 2 months, with option to extend.

          We prefer all of our clients to do a walk-through of their newly staged property within a 24 hour 

          window of staging completion. This allows our design team to make any tweaks or changes

          per your request. We will have a professional photographer take images of the listing for our

          webpage and social media outlets.

Once you’ve scheduled your closing, we will arrange to break down
the staging. Break down is typically completed in one day.

          Our moving team consists of mindful and understanding professionals who care

          about the  furniture and property of our clients.